Become part of global
international project by creating your own planet in the Kairos universe

The objective of KairosPlanet project
is to develop Global Distributed Computing System

A general processing power of KairosPlanet Distributed Computing System is achieved
by using computing resources of great number of personal computers.

We propose you to lease unused computing power of your computer - disk space.

Rental income of your disk space is required for simple conditions:

  • avaliability of free
    disk space
  • installation of special
    software on your PC
  • staying online
    for 10 hours a day

Affiliate Marketing Program KairosPlanet

KAIROS established the exclusive Extended Affiliate Marketing Program in order to reach the project goal - to attract resources for development and fast growth of the KairosPlanet Global Distributed Computing Network, as well as to promote products and services.

Participation in Affiliate Program offers a number of benefits:

  • opportunity to generate income from the lease of free resources of your computer
  • opportunity to generate income from involvement of other Participants to the KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Program and the Distributed Computing Network
  • opportunity to use bonus services and products of KAIROS

For more details, please read the
KairosPlanet Affiliate Marketing Participant Agreement

Services & Products

KAIROS Services & Products, which use a creating computing system, currently undergo the beta testing.
They are offered to Participants of the KairosPlanet Extended Marketing Affiliate Program for free as a bonus, depending on the activated lease package.

  • Software
    • KairosMail Secure mailing service
      • encryption
      • total confidentiality
      • 100% anonymity
      • convenient & easy to use
    • KairosSurf Secure internet access
      • protected Internet surfing
      • anonymous data transfer network
      • minimization of traffic analysis risk
      • replacement of traditional VPN
    • KairosDisk Safe cloud data storage
      • protection
      • universality & availability
      • appliance compatibility
      • synchronization
  • Hardware
    • KairosPhone Secure and private communications
      8 GB Capacity, 1280 x 720 pixel (HD), Quad Core A7 1.3Ghz,
      resolution at 267 ppi, 1GB RAM, camera 8.0MP + front 2.0MP.
    • KairosRouter 3G Secure wireless data transfer
      Encryption, absolute confidentiality, 100% anonymity.
      User-friendly interface.
In the future, every other computer in the world will form part of our Distributed Computing System.


KairosPlanet is an international project.

KairosPlanet KAIROS is fully focused on development and worldwide distribution of high-end solutions based on grid computing technologies and the specially designed for it Extended Affiliate Marketing Program.
The objective of KairosPlanet project is to develop the KairosPlanet Global Distributed Computing System.
KairosPlanet Global Distributed Computing System The computing power of the KairosPlanet Global Distributed Computing System will be used for solving large-scale computing tasks for KAIROS Corporate Clients, such as storage, analysis and data processing in the field of economic forecasting, various research directions, development of new products and more.

It is our duty to respond to all your queries, suggestions or feedback.

We do our best to give you outstanding support and help.

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