Dear Participants of KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program!

In anticipation of another International KairosPlanet Partners Congress, we invite all Participants of the project to take part in the “INTERNATIONAL KAIROSPLANET PARTNERS CONGRESS, Goa 2017” promo campaign.

The prize fund

As a prize, all Participants, who have fulfilled the conditions of the promo campaign, will get opportunity to visit the International KairosPlanet Partners Congress, which will be held on January 2017 in Goa, India.

Promo campaign Conditions


Promo Campaign Participant is considered to be a Leader (Participant of KairosPlanet Affiliate Program), in whose structure 3 (three) Participants in first line will receive Manager career level during promo campaign continuance period.

Only direct activated referrals of 3 (three) potential Managers using Leader`s referral code are taken into account (potential Managers must be in three different branches of the Leader`s structure).

Leader, potential Managers and all new activated referrals at the moment of summing up results of promo campaign have to:

  1. be registered and verified Participants of KairosPlanet Affiliate Program
  2. be the holders of the Silver Lease Package and above (Gold, Platinum)
  3. make a Guarantee fee payment to the Company via one of the payment methods provided in Participant’s personal Cabinet
  4. have installed and activated KairosPlanet Application.

Registration date in KairosPlanet Affiliate Program for potential Managers - not earlier than 2016-05-01; registration date for the Promo Campaign Participants-Leaders - without restrictions.

Period of Promo campaign continuance

Promo campaign starting date: 2016-11-05.

Promo campaign completion date: 2016-12-17 (Only Guarantee fees with influence on the level of potential career Manager, which have been made no later than 2016-12-16 23:59:59 UTC and not canceled within 14-days period are taken into account).

Summing up

Summing up date - 2017-01-14 12:00:00 UTC.

According to the results of the promo campaign e-mail from KairosPlanet Support with the notification of the promo campaign conditions fulfillment and an invitation to the International KairosPlanet Partners Congress will be sent to all Participants-Leaders.

The results with the list of Participants who have received the opportunity to visit the International KairosPlanet Partners Congress will be published on the official website of the Company and on the official pages in social networks.

Additional information

The number of promo campaign winners is limited - the first one hundred (100) Participants-Leaders who have fulfilled the conditions of the promo campaign becomes visitors of the annual International KairosPlanet Partners Congress, Goa 2017.

All activated referrals of new Participants in structure of potential Manager shall comply with the conditions given below:

  • to make a Guarantee fee payment according to the selected Lease Package (Silver, Gold, Platinum) via one of the payment methods provided in Participant’s personal Cabinet;
  • to have installed and activated the KairosPlanet Application;
  • to pass the verification before summing up the results of promo campaign.

If invited activated referral cancels Guarantee fee payment, which has influence on potential Manager career – achievement of the career level will be recalculated.


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