Summing up the results of the promo campaign

Summing up the results of the promo campaign

Dear Participants of KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program,

Today is the day of summing up the results of promo campaign "KAIROSPLANET PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, Goa-2017."

Unfortunately, none of the Participants fulfilled the conditions of the campaign.

We understand that the main reason is the lack of favorable conditions for the further involvement for new Participants in the project because of time constraints on the implementation of Company’s obligations in relation to the Participants.

Company management decided to change the timing of the campaign and the date of KAIROSPLANET PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, Goa 2017. And in the near future to organize a business meeting with TOP leaders and the regional leaders of the KairosPlanet project, future shareholders of the reorganized company for the consult and the settlement of the questions about further strategic development of the project.

Summing up the results of the promo campaign

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