Budapest, Hungary. January 2016. KairosPlanet European Partnets Conference

Budapest, Hungary. January 2016. KairosPlanet European Partnets Conference
Reportage of KairosPlanet European Partnets Conference, which was held in Budapest, Hungary on January 30, 2016.

On 30-31 of January 2016, another KairosPlanet European conference was held in Lurdy Haz Business Centre in Budapest (Hungary).

It was third of the 20 regional events for KairosPlanet project Partners and Participants, which had been planned for following year.

Leaders of a Kairos Hungarian affiliate structure accepted responsibility for event organization.

KairosPlanet Partners and Leaders from Hungary, UK, Israel, Makedonia, Romani, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine took part in this conference.

While conference opening, Otokar Kasynets, Marketing Director of KAIROS Technologies, in the first instance familiarized the audience with the company’s results for the last semester

During coverage of legal aspects of the Company’s activities Dr. Miklós Szilágyi delivered a detailed report on current theme. János Strobek performed with presentation on KairosPlanet Affiliate Marketing Program and the KAIROS IT products.

An awarding ceremony of most efficient Leaders and Partners following the results of the year 2015, and trainings for optimizing strategy and methods of involving new Participants into KairosPlanet Affiliate Marketing Program in year 2016 were held during the event.

Summarizing the event results, Otokar Kasynets on behalf of KairosPlanet wished further success in work to all seminar participants and assured them wide support from company’s leadership for all new ideas and initiatives to “joint conquering of new horizons.”

Budapest, Hungary. January 2016. KairosPlanet European Partnets Conference

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