Applying for the Company's shares

Applying for the Company's shares

Dear Participants of KairosPlanet project,

As it was announced before, due to changes in organizational and legal form, the Company starts initiation process of KairosPlanet TOP leaders into the shareholders.

Tomorrow, such Participants will receive a letter with the information and application rules for receiving shares of renovated Company.

Shares for TOP leaders and regional leaders will be provided FREE OF CHARGE, in proportion to career level.

Amount of shares, which are possible to receive by Participants according to career level can be seen below:

# Career level Amount of shares
1 Assistant 1
2 Manager 3
3 Senior Manager 5
4 Master 9
5 Senior Master 18
6 Executive 54
7 Founder Executive 189
8 Consul 324
9 Founder Consul 1134
10 Ambassador 1944
11 Founder Ambassador 6804
12 Chief Ambassador 11664

Participants of the project that are not currently regional leaders or TOP leaders (not in the initial list of shareholders) will receive their shares after the registration of the management company and will be included to shareholder’s register only after the achievement of new higher career level. So, for example, Participant with a Manager level will be included to shareholder’s register only after reaching the Senior Manager level.

Applying for the Company's shares

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