Company’s reorganization

Company’s reorganization

KairosPlanet is ready to inform you about a successful completion of the preparatory stage of Company’s reorganization and transferring it to the next level.

A new managing company will be introduced together with current shareholders and founders within the next stage, in January 2017. Furthermore, TOP-Leaders of the KairosPlanet project will be added to shareholders in order to take part in the management of the Company in the future.

Such decision was made by current administration of the Company on the initiative of KairosPlanet TOP-Leaders who are ready to take part in the development of the Company and ensure the quality of business, taking into account the interests of all Participants.

TOP-Leaders beginning with a Senior Master and higher career levels will be able to become shareholders at the stage of the managing company registration.

All Participants with a Senior Master and higher career levels will have to apply for receiving shares of newly created company.

Guidelines for application and further instructions will be sent to all above-mentioned Participants at the beginning of January via email, mentioned during registration in KairosPlanet System.

Company’s reorganization

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