Prague, Czech Republic. February 2016. KairosPlanet European Partners Conference

Prague, Czech Republic. February 2016. KairosPlanet European Partners Conference
Reportage of KairosPlanet European Partners Conference, which was held in Prague, Czech Republic on February 27, 2016.

On 27 and 28 February, 2016, KairosPlanet workshop of top managers and the company’s regional leaders took place in Prague. The meeting venue was the Top Hotel Praha Congress Center..

The meeting was organized by Mr. Michael Derda, Czech structure Leader, the Executive.

Over 30 KairosPlanet Leaders from Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine attended the event including Otokar Kasynets, Marketing Director of Kairos Technologies.

Keen attention was fixed on reports by Leaders of the Czech and Slovak structures (the Executives) that became a kind of an annual local progress report for 2015.

Prague, Czech Republic. February 2016. KairosPlanet European Partnets Conference

Mr. Ondrach Sokodi, IT expert from Hungary, delivered a special speech in the context of discussion on KairosPlanet lease packages and a presentation component of the company’s marketing strategy.

Apart from work issues, the workshop schedule included a series of educational and presentation events for specially invited Participants of KairosPlanet regional affiliate network, as well as the company’s potential customers and partners (over 160 attendants).

Such unplanned working meetings are dictated by everyday need for settlement of current issues and step-by-step discussion of the matters relating to implementation of initiatives put forward by Leaders and Partners, their eventual placement on KairosPlanet events agenda for 2016.

In the course of such workshops particular attention has been traditionally paid to augmenting the training element of KairosPlanet activities on the IT market, diversifying company products and services in proportion to growing demand.

According to the company’s strategy for 2016, introduction of new educational techniques by KairosPlanet is especially intended to involve new partners and reach a brand new qualitative level of Leaders’ corps.

All recent customer surveys among former participants of special trainings and video courses have clearly shown that owing to well prepared and balanced education system all attendants get an optimal set of practical knowledge for further successful implementation of their business and creative potential in Internet network.

Prague, Czech Republic. February 2016. KairosPlanet European Partners Conference

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