Prague, Czech Republic. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

Prague, Czech Republic. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event
Reportage of KairosPlanet Partners Event, which was held in Prague, Czech Republic on November 27, 2016

On 27th of November KairosPlanet business conference took place in Prague, (Czech Republic).

The conference was organized by Michael Derda, the KairosPlanet regional leader.

Current event was attended by more than 350 KairosPlanet Participants from 10 countries: Czech Republic, Israel, Ukraine, Slovakia, Turkey, Moldova, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Russia.

The event was opened by Otokar Kasinets, the Marketing director of the Company, with a short presentation of the motivational speech and the latest company news.

Prague, Czech Republic. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

Also there were several performances of the project leaders.

András Székely, international IT expert from Hungary and the KairosPlanet project Participant, spoke about the necessity data protection, about the relevance of grid-computing technology and functionality of KairosPlanet Cloud-platform.

Regional leader Sandor Szokodi from Hungary spoke about his experience of cooperation with the Company, on how to get a good income and at the same time be independent.

Andrew Sus, one of the KairosPlanet project TOP leaders from Ukraine, shared his experience in leadership and building a successful team.

Josi Goldschmid, a regional leader from Israel and Oksana Voronova, a regional leader from Russia told the audience about their experience in business success.

A business coach Elena Voitenko gave a mini-training session on "How to get rid of fear."

There was on-line communication with the IT-Director and Head of Security Department during the conference. Representatives of the management team of the Company spoke about the current situation in the Company, plans and communicated with the audience in a "question and answer" format.

In the end of the event there was an awarding ceremony for Participants, who has achieved new career levels according to KairosPlanet Compensation plan, drawing of valuable prizes and branded products KairosPlanet, as well as the awarding of winners of the competition announced by organizers.

In the entertaining part of the event BeatlesBand from the Czech Republic performed for all guests, that were present at the conference.

Prague, Czech Republic. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

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