KAIROS established the exclusive KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program in order to reach the project goal - to attract resources for development and fast growth of the KairosPlanet Global Distributed Computing Network, as well as to promote products and services.

Anyone having an unused computing resource can become a part of the KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program.

Participation in Affiliate Program offers a number of benefits:

To participate in the KairosPlanet Affiliate Program, one should make a contribution as a guarantee of fulfillment of the Participant’s commitment to lease the computing resources to the Company.

Lease of the computing capacities of the Affiliate Program Participant will support operation of the KairosPlanet Distributed Computing System, resources of which are used to provide services to the Corporate Clients of the Company.

The minimum network connection time as required for the agreement fulfillment shall be 10 hours per day.

Daily admission to the Participant’s account shall consist of repayment of the guarantee contribution and income, which is proportional to the volume and time of computing resources leased over the previous days.

Currently, opportunity to become the Participant of Distributed Computing Network and the Affiliate Program are only available to registered users who have been invited by the Company or existing Participants.

To join the Affiliate Program, one should:

Please refer to the Compensation Plan for more information on additional bonuses for attraction of new Participants to the Affiliate Program.

For more details, please read the KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program Participant Agreement.


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