The first Meeting of PLANET BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ltd. Shareholders

The first Meeting of PLANET BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ltd. Shareholders

As it was announced previously, the Company is in the process of reorganization. The registration process of
PLANET BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ltd. holding company has been started.

On February 5-8, 2017 the first Meeting of the new Company Shareholders took place in Egypt.

KairosPlanet Participants with Senior Master and higher career levels, TOP-leaders and regional leaders of the project, who have filed the appropriate application, received the invitation to join the Company on behalf of the shareholders.

The program of the Shareholders' Meeting included an introduction of shareholders with the new legal form of the Company, the dialogue about the Company's and KairosPlanet project development strategy in the future.

On the first day of the Shareholders’ Meeting all the participants familiarized with the presentation of the new company, considered and discussed the regulations of the Shareholders' Agreement of the new Company.

The second day was devoted to the working groups - representatives of different structures were discussing pressing issues and possible ways out of the situation.

As it was expected, the questions concerned the validity of KairosPlanet System’s Participants, resumption of withdrawals and the restructuring of debts of the Company prior to the project Participants.

At the end of the second day the general meeting and the voting for the number of organizational issues took place. It will define the interaction between the Company and Shareholders in the future.

The issues raised by the Participants during the Meeting are currently under consideration by Shareholders and the President of the Company.

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The first Meeting of PLANET BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ltd. Shareholders

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