Courchevel, France. February 2016. KairosPlanet VIP-leaders Meeting

Courchevel, France. February 2016. KairosPlanet VIP-leaders Meeting
Reportage of KairosPlanet VIP-leaders Meeting, which was held in Courchevel, France on February 9, 2016.

On 9 through 13 February, 2016, a working meeting of KairosPlanet leaders was held in Courchevel, a popular French ski resort.

The meeting was attended by Koche Szikra Zsuzsa, Alexey Kedo, Andrew Sus, Ondrejka Keteryna, Ondrejka Peter, Derda Ivan, Derda Michael, Vladimir Shamro, Waldemar Reimer, Jaroslav Sikora and some other leaders.

Courchevel beautiful view

In a free and relaxed atmosphere, the leaders discussed the KairosPlanet Calendar of events for 2016, a schedule of the company top management’s regular meetings for the coming months, some certain legal issues, etc.

The meetings of the given format are practiced quite often by KairosPlanet. Nevertheless, they are extremely important for effectively settling current operational issues horizontally.

Even though the meeting was informal, the leaders discussed a number of important issues, aimed at successful implementation of the goals stipulated by the KairosPlanet Strategy for Development-2016.

Special attention was focused on training matters. For instance, a serious discussion was held in connection with special training program for leaders "How to Make 500 Thousand", another separate educational program for complex training of young leaders, and a round table entitled "The Consolidation of Leader’s Groups".

In the light of the latest innovative company solutions, an idea to elaborate an online broadcasting system for leaders and establishing of a hotline VIP-SOS support were also discussed.

Among other important issues requiring special attention was the need to standardizing financial and legal terms in order to avoid fuzzy logic and hazy meanings when describing events and technological solutions by KairosPlanet.

Due to sharp increase of demand for KairosPlanet souvenir products and mementos, it was decided to look into the matter more closely in order to envisage a step-by-step increase of their output volume as well as assortment.

Courchevel, France. February 2016. KairosPlanet VIP-leaders Meeting

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