Day 1 of International Partners Congress in Budapest, Hungary

Day 1 of International Partners Congress in Budapest, Hungary
Day 1. Reportage from KairosPlanet International Partners Congress, which take place in Budapest, Hungary May 31-June 03, 2016.

May 31 was the first day of KairosPlanet International Partners Congress Budapest 2016 in Hungary.

Budapest , Hungary. May - June 2016. KairosPlanet International Partners Congress

On this day, Corinthia Hotel Budapest, which is known more as Grand Hotel Royal - a legend of Budapest hotels, hotel in the heart of the Hungarian capital became a meeting place for participants of KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program.

There were a lot of famous guests in history of this hotel. Hundreds of celebrities have stayed at Grand Hotel Royal in different periods of time, but today, usual bright shades of the interior made of white marble was filled with brand colours and symbols of KAIROS Company.

In general, the first day of the KairosPlanet International Partners Congress was spent dynamically. Marketing Director of the Company Otokar Kasinets greeted arrived partners, introduced them the program of activities for the coming days, briefly discussed the results of the last month of work in the framework of the promo campaign and answered all the questions. The first day ended with a business dinner among participants of KairosPlanet Affiliate Program.

Day 1 of International Partners Congress in Budapest, Hungary

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