Tel-Aviv, Israel. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

Tel-Aviv, Israel. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event
Reportage of KairosPlanet Partners Event, which was held in Tel-Aviv, Israel on November 22, 2016

On November ‎‎22-23, 2016 thematic KairosPlanet business conference took place in Tel-Aviv (Israel).

The two-day KairosPlanet conference in Israel attracted the attention of huge numbers of people.

On the first day the event was attended by approximately 1,500 actual and potential participants of KairosPlanet project. There was a big amount of people who were interested in the project, but were not able to get to the event due to the lack of available free seats.

Tel-Aviv, Israel. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

Conference organizers have reported that thousands of interested people were watching broadcast live of the event on the website of Kairos Forum Israel.

The event was opened with a performance of the Israeli singer, accompanied by the famous violinist.

This was followed by a welcoming speech of Israeli regional leader Yossi Gold, and then there was a performance of Marketing Director of the Company Otokar Kasynets that "charged" the audience with positive energy.

President of the Company Michel Vieira gave a welcoming speech via video stream. He talked about the future of the Company, the current situation, and explained what measures are being taken to find solutions for urgent issues.

András Székely, international IT expert from Hungary and the KairosPlanet project Participant, spoke about the relevance of grid-computing technology and functionality of KairosPlanet Cloud-platform. After this, foreign leaders of KairosPlanet project – Andrey Sus, Ivan Derda, Robertas Marcinkevicius and Israeli leaders – Pinhas Cohen, Barak Kovach, Motti Gilor, Dekel Shemesh, Alon Ben David, Gershon Moran went out on the scene with the motivational speech about their road to success.

In the end of the event`s first day there was an awarding ceremony for Participants, who have achieved new career levels.

On the second day of the conference there was a closed meeting for leaders of Israeli and foreign structures. The meeting was leaded by Otokar Kasinets and Yossi Gold.

During the meeting, the on-line communication of leaders, IT-director and Head of Security Department was held in the format of "question-answer".

Tel-Aviv, Israel. November 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

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