KAIROS Flies Over The “Cloud” Heights.

KAIROS Flies Over The “Cloud” Heights.
On August 10-11, 2015, The Global Cloud Computing Conference took place in Philadelphia (USA)
OMICS Group International

On August 10-11, 2015, The Global Cloud Computing Conference took place in Philadelphia (USA)

The Conference was organized under the aegis of the Global Institute of IT Management and OMICS,Int. engaged in organizing over a thousand similar meeting all over the world. The OMICS runs over 700 (!) open-access scientific editions where over 50 thousand scientists from all over the world published their works.

The main subject of the Conference was “Clouds: An Invisible Server”.

The main subject was not chosen randomly by organizers since the cloud computing laid foundation for distributive and shared computing resources in IT sphere.

The Conference participants included scientists, researchers, developers, experts on applying IT technologies, service providers from various countries.

Representatives from the KAIROS Washington, Seattle, Houston Offices took part in the event. The reason for such mass attendance on behalf of KAIROS at the Conference was an unprecedented scope of the international event, as well as desire to get to know advanced technologies and unique experience in applying the latest developments in IT safety systems.

Not the least thing was the role of such events in giving a perfect opportunity to get so to say first-hand information on future trends of IT safety development.

KAIROS Flies Over The “Cloud” Heights.

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