KairosPlanet and Modern IT Technology. Global Experience.

KairosPlanet and Modern IT Technology. Global Experience.

On 23-24 July, 2015, 4th International conference on Management, Business, Economics, Social Sciences And Humanities (ICMHR)

Was held in Istanbul (Turkey).

Conference Organizers: World Research Center Top Ideas (Turkey).

The goal of the Conference was to give an opportunity for scientists, researchers, experts, politicians and those involved in practical implementation of developments on a global level to share their ideas, the results of their activities with their colleagues both in mutual and conjunctive fields.

Mr. Ibrahim Ogly, Kairos Technologies manager of Istanbul office, took part in “IT technology” section of the Conference. He delivered a special report entitled “Ensuring IT security within the context of preserving the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. Secrecy of storing and transmitting information to a reliable source”.

Special attention in the said report was attributed to providing guaranteed confidentiality to the data encryption technology itself (including those of the keys), its protection by law in view of ever growing activity of secret services and “vagabonding” hackers. There was a discussion of a possibility to getting a more detailed & shared position of all IT companies on all levels, taking into account of all universal approaches to the issue on a global level, maybe in a form of a memorandum or manifesto, with the involvement of reputable international organizations.

There was also a special KairosPlanet exhibition stand in the Conference hall showing in picture diagrams the Company products and a general scope of activity.

KairosPlanet and Modern IT Technology. Global Experience.

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