Astana, Kazakhstan. September 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

Astana, Kazakhstan. September 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event
Reportage of KairosPlanet Partners Event, which was held in Astana, Kazakhstan on September 17, 2016

On September 17-18th, 2016 KairosPlanet business conference took place in Astana (Kazakhstan), Hotel "Kazzhol" was chosen to spend the event and meetings of the Participants of KairosPlanet project.

Вильнюс, Литва. Сентябрь 2016. Мероприятие партнеров KairosPlanet

Maxim Kruglov, the KairosPlanet regional leader of Kazakh structure, organized the conference.

Current and potential Participants of KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program from Ukraine and Kazakhstan visited the conference.

Within the conference performed Roman Mishuk, one of the KairosPlanet TOP-leaders. He communicated with the audience in “question-answer” format and spoke about importance of responsible choices in business.

At the conference also performed other speakers, such as Aleksei Auzin, Maxim Kruglov, Sergey Petrik and Alexander Dorofeev.

During the event, there was an awarding ceremony for Participants and Leaders of the company, who achieved the new career levels and a lottery with drawing prizes and KairosPlanet branded products.

Astana, Kazakhstan. September 2016. KairosPlanet Partners Event

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