The latest news

The latest news

Dear Participants of KairosPlanet project,

Every day we receive a large number of issues regarding the further project development.

We will try to answer some of them:

Will the payments be made to all Participants?

For a moment, all the Participants of the project could be put into several categories:

  • The Participants, who is to comply with all the rules and terms of Company’s Participant Agreement;
  • The Participants who violated the rules and terms of Company’s Participant Agreement, that caused the financial loss for the Company;
  • The Participants who violated the rules and terms of Company’s Participant Agreement, which has not led to financial losses for the Company.

That means, that before answering the question about the "all payments" we need to standardize the processes, so the Participants won’t be able to interpret the rules "at its discretion", and so the leader would have a reasoned answer to each partner.

Those Participants, who comply with all the rules of the Company, have the full right to get full payment of Rental income, the return of the Guarantee Fee and receive a Referral income. So the Participants will be provided with the withdrawals using available payment mechanisms. KairosPay system will become such convenient and affordable mechanism in the nearest future. We are also testing two additional payment systems in order to optimize risks.

KairosPay system: what’s the phase of the project; who is involved in the process; when the testing period is going to be finished?

KairosPay system – Company’s payment mechanism that will be able to quick transfer money to the individuals (Participants). The funds are being available for financial transactions the fastest using payment cards Master Card or Visa. KairosPay integration process started in October 2016, for present moment, there is working operating system. A contracting company and the IT-Department in conjunction with the Financial Department carry out testing. Actual currency for the first stage is EURO. Payments are available from the date of activation in the cabinet in KairosPay system. The launch date of the system and the possibility to order payment cards, were announced by President of the Company, is ‎2017-01-25.

The organization of the Managing Company. Leaders’ meeting event.

The date of submission of documents for the registration of the management company has been displaced due to the leaders’ long adoption of a personal solution.

The updated list of shareholders was transferred to the register.

We look forward to accelerated company registration procedure and we hope to receive the result next week.

In the same time, we are working on the organization of the event for company's shareholders; to hold the meeting, for negotiations and decision-making.

We are interested in the soonest start of work of the management company, it will give place to further processes of KairosPlanet project development. Legal processes of shareholders and the Board of Directors relationship in the management of the company have already been implemented; the rest of formalities must be solved directly on the shareholders' meeting.

Please pay attention that the registration of the management company is not related with shifting responsibility to the leaders, as it is impossible even in juridical way. Decision-making in the KairosPlanet project should be put to a level that will not allow manipulating the interests of Participants; it should minimize the risks of the project and its further development and implementation.

The latest news

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