Agreement on the Procedure of Payment

General Provisions
  1. This Agreement on the procedure of payment is concluded between a Participant of the KairosPlanet Affiliate Marketing Program under its agreement on the usage of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), Kairos Technologies Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and "______" (hereinafter referred to as the "Paying agent") and defines the procedure and conditions to payments by Participants via the Paying agent under the usage of the website by its participants =and users.
  2. From the moment a Participant marks that he/she has read and accepted this Agreement, this Agreement shall enter into force for such a Participant without any exceptions. Any further actions on this site or usage of this website shall be consistent with this Agreement. Breach of the Agreement will entail the consequences provided for under such Agreement, and any guarantees provided by Kairos Technologies Limited will have no effect.
  3. This Agreement is public information, available for review to all interested parties, contains basic conditions for using the website Compliance with the requirements of this Agreement is a prerequisite for all the Participants and users of the website
  4. Neither this Agreement nor any provisions of this Agreement can be interpreted and construed as establishment of agency, brokerage legal relations, relations on joint ventures or partnerships, or any other, unless expressly provided for by the Agreement.
  5. This Agreement is drawn up in English, which will always take precedence in the interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement.
  6. For the purposes of operation of this Agreement the terms and definitions, valid for the Agreement on the usage of the website, are used.
Subject of the Agreement

This Agreement is concluded on the conditions stated below between You –a private individual, a Participant of the KairosPlanet Affiliate Marketing Program on the one side, and the Company on the other side, and the Paying Agent for the purposes of mutual cooperation, namely:

A Participant acknowledges and agrees that he really wants to make a required payment via the Paying Agent. The Participant understand the implications of payment via the Paying Agent and realizes that commission fees necessary for making such payments will be deducted from the Participant’s funds together with appropriate payments.

Procedure and conditions of the Agreement

Each Participant within his/her jurisdiction independently qualifies his/her activities as legitimate and will be personally liable for compliance of his/her actions with the help of this resource to requirements of legislation, including fiscal, investment, financial, criminal, etc.

A mark by a Participant upon familiarizing with this Agreement will mean that the Participant is fully familiarized with this Agreement, accepts its conditions, considers them acceptable for themselves, fully aware of the meaning of their actions, acting on their own will on the basis of internal beliefs, understand all the risks of such a way of actions and correlates the extent of their risks with the expected profit.

Participants agree that the Company reserves the right, on the basis of its arrangements, agreements, contracts, etc. to transfer to third parties (including paying agents) the power to accept appropriate payments from Participants and / or make appropriate payments to Participants and believes that selected by the company contractor (including a paying agent) is conscientious and trustworthy, and Participants do not object to such contractor’s participation.

Participants understand and accept the fact that the acceptance of such payments from the Participants and / or making payments to the Participants by such a paying agent will be treated as fulfillment by the Company and Participants of their mutual obligations with respect to such incoming or outgoing payments.

Commission fees for the movement of funds in the KairosPlanet Information System of the Affiliate Marketing Program

Additional commission fee when crediting the account may be imposed by payment systems or correspondent banks. In this case, the Participant is obliged to pay this fee or this fee will be deducted from the incoming payment.

Payment of funds is subject to commission fee, depending on the selected payment method. The sum of commission fee for a payment by a selected payment method is displayed in a Participant’s Cabinet and depends on the conditions and terms of payment systems at the time of generation of the application for payment.

Personal Data

By registering in the KairosPlanet Affiliate Marketing Program and accepting this Agreement, a Participant gives consent to processing by the Company of their personal data, namely to commit among other actions the following: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), use of, distribution (including transmission), depersonalization, blocking, destruction. It’s allowed to perform these actions by using automation.

For the Company to implement activities provided for in this Agreement, a Participant also gives consent to transfer his/her personal data to third parties, including Paying agent, provided there are duly concluded between the Company and such third party contracts involving obligations of third parties on compliance to requirements "On personal data".

A Participant also agrees to the usage of their personal data by the given Paying Agent, for the implementation of the activities provided for in this Agreement, the Agreement on the usage of the website

For the purposes of this website the term ‘personal data’ refers to any information provided directly by a Participant, and allowing to identify such a Participant as well as data about a Participant received from any public source, including his/her activities, obtained through this website. All other information provided by a Participant for the purpose of this website is considered to be open to the public, as well as information about a Participant received from any other public sources.

The Company and a Paying agent reserve the right to provide all the data falling under the definition of personal data on this resource, its partners, if this is necessary for the Company to fulfil its objectives, as well as for purposes for which a Participant has given their consent, as well as to provide information to any state bodies, officials, other authorized persons at their request, if it complies with the law, as well as the company believes that this will prevent the use of this website for prohibited purposes or for the purpose of fraud.


In case of failure and / or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement the parties of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties") are responsible in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the laws of jurisdiction where they are registered.

The Company and the Paying agent shall be liable for the obligations only explicitly referred to in this Agreement and / or on the official website of the Company.

The Company and the Paying agent shall not be liable for non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement if such failure and / or improper performance was due to the fault of the Participant and / or third parties.

None of the Parties shall be liable for non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement if such failure and / or improper performance is a consequence of force majeure.

Force majeure is defined as unavoidable circumstances outside the sphere of influence of the Parties, namely: natural disasters, fires, floods, regulations of authorities, plight, rebellion, civil war, war, strike or other work stoppage (with the exception of a strike or work stoppage of the Company employees), any possible changes in legislative and regulatory EU legislation that may affect the ability to carry out the Company's activities, as well as the lack of basic technical conditions required to access the system of the KairosPlanet Affiliate Marketing Program arising due to reasons beyond the sphere of influence of the Company.

The Company and the Paying Agent shall not be liable for any obligations of third parties related to the Company's operations and improper actions of each other.

Also, this Agreement confirms that the decision to use the Paying Agent for payments is a decision taken by a Participant voluntarily, with no impact on this decision of any external factors and with full understanding of the consequences of this decision, including possible additional commission fees.


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