Payment cards order option availability

Payment cards order option availability

Dear Participants of the KairosPlanet project,

Here is the information on 'pain points':

Previously, it was officially announced that the launch of the payment cards order option is appointed on the 25th of January 2017.

As to the date, the system is on testing, so the representatives of the leadership structure are involved in this process. After test and summarization completing the payment cards order option will be available for all Participants of the KairosPlanet project. Further information will be disposed in Company’s News on the website.

The Company's management together with leadership council decided not to connect the payment cards order option, in order not to repeat previous mistakes (for example, AGC payment system).

Please note that the deadline for the creation of withdrawal requests in the current period is extended up to and including February 1, 2017!

Withdrawal requests with status ‘New’ can be declined by Participants themselves.

After the return of funds to Salary Account, Participants can create new withdrawal request including funds for the current and prior periods.

The list of standard actions could be found on the website; it has been published repeatedly.

Payment cards order option availability

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