PLANET BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ltd. Shareholders voting, February, 23 2017

PLANET BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ltd. Shareholders voting, February, 23 2017

Voting of the reorganized Planet Business Management Ltd. Company shareholders on the list of issues regarding further strategic development of KairosPlanet project has finished.

Unfortunately, on the main list of solutions leaders have not reached a consensus, their opinions diverged, and a quorum of shareholders was not hold.

In this regard, it was decided to finalize two solution packages with the highest number of votes. Additional offers of shareholders, which comes from them at the moment will be taken into account during finalization.

After finalization two solution packages will be brought to re-voting by separated voting.

In addition to solution packages few more questions were brought up on voting.

Here we bring to your knowledge the results of voting on these issues in a consolidated manner.

Shareholders have voted:

  • FOR Further promotion of KAIROS Phone и KAIROS Router devices via start of online sale by payments in internal currency, which was received by participants as Rental and Referral income, and official external payments to the account of online shop legal entity.
  • FOR Creation of investment offer on Kairos Energy project for active Participants of KairosPlanet project with description of profit and investment conditions. A working group from employees and shareholders of the Company will be created in order to describe profitable investment offer.
  • FOR Re-branding of KairosPlanet project for its further development under a new name and a new corporate style due to discrediting of the project and negative informational background with unreliable image.

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PLANET BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ltd. Shareholders voting, February, 23 2017

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