Withdrawal processing

Withdrawal processing

Dear Participants of KairosPlanet project!

Every day all of you are waiting for any kind of information from the Company about the withdrawal processing status. Realizing how important this issue is for you and for us, we bring you the following information:

The intermediary bank has to process payments almost in manual mode, as the Bank's resources, unfortunately, do not allow large number of such transactions at a time. Also, today due to holidays in Austria the bank does not process payments.

Payment mechanism of another intermediary bank, which we plan to use in the long term for the simultaneous processing of a large number of payments, unfortunately, is not yet ready due to circumstances beyond our Compliance requirements and registration procedures.

Along with that, we have some good news - the first edition of the KAIROS Pay payment cards was finally launched, what as we planned in the future will make the process of money withdrawal more ease and convenient.

Withdrawal processing

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