December withdrawal requests

December withdrawal requests

Dear Participants of KairosPlanet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program,

Please be advised that you can cancel your withdrawal requests with “New” status by yourself. Once your funds will be returned to the “Salary” account, you can create a new withdrawal request including funds for the current and prior periods.

We would like to remind you that payouts will be processed only for verified accounts.

All withdrawal requests should be created not later than on 25th day of the current month.

Please do not wait until the last day if you decide to create a new withdrawal request!

Be notified that the new option for w direct withdrawal to bank accounts via SWIFT system for Participants outside of SEPA zone is available in KairosPlanet Cabinet of Participant.

Steps to create withdrawal request are standard:

  • Check the correctness of the account owner's name in the Account holder name field
  • Enter the address of residence in the Account holder address field in three lines: 1. Street name, Building number, Apartment number; 2. Region / District; 3. City, Postal code
  • Select country of residence in Account holder country field
  • Then one by one fill in the fields with the Bank name, Bank address, your bank Account number in the international IBAN format (for your region) and the SWIFT code
  • Choose the Amount in the list and receive a confirmation code for withdrawal request

Fees for processing of withdrawals requests: 1%, but not less than 20 USD for SEPA transfers and 50 USD for SWIFT transfers.

December withdrawal requests

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